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Inspired by the vibrant colors of the rainbow during Pride Month, the “healthy” drink collection at the Clubhouse restaurant is the perfect way to cool down this summer. Not only do these beverages offer refreshing flavors from natural ingredients, but they also serve as stylish accessories for your check-in photos.

For just VND 150,000 per drink, you have six options to match your taste preferences in both color and flavor:

1. CRIMSON CRUSH – Featuring a red hue. Ingredients: red bell pepper, orange, carrot, red dragon fruit, black tea kombucha.
2. TANGERINE TANGO – Featuring an orange hue. Ingredients: yellow bell pepper, orange, carrot, red dragon fruit, green tea kombucha.
3. LEMON LUSTER – Featuring a yellow hue. Ingredients: lemon, ginger, pineapple, passion fruit, green tea kombucha.
4. EMERALD BAY – Featuring a green hue. Ingredients: cucumber, kumquat, honey, spirulina powder.
5. AZURE SERENITY – Featuring a blue hue. Ingredients: coconut water, pandan leaves, butterfly pea flower, kumquat.
6. LAVENDER HAZE – Featuring a purple hue. Ingredients: purple cabbage, beetroot, apple, pineapple.

Join Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay and enjoy a stylish summer with our drink collection!


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